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Barista's Café

Hettie Black established Barista’s Café in February 2008. She developed this daytime restaurant to provide great food and superb coffee. It also acts as a place for professionals in the Sandyford Industrial estate to gather and network. Barista’s Café serve a dynamic lunch and breakfast menu that caters for all tastes. Hettie has a passion for locally sourced quality food. Because of this, Barista’s Café even have their own allotments where they grow organic vegetables and fruits.

Hettie has a love for both food and art. This culminates in Barista’s Café hosting art exhibitions on a regular basis. Artists get a great opportunity for exposure as they get up to two months to display and sell their art on the walls of Barista’s Café. Hettie doesn’t even take commission on the sale of the artwork, as she does it for the love of it. You can tell that Hettie is passionate about art, as she offers a professional hanging system and launch party for the artists. Barista’s Café provide canapés as well as a welcoming atmosphere to promote a memorable launch. While people perceive art exhibitions as a little stiff; Barista’s Café place both the artists and the guests in a relaxed ambience, with friendly staff, excellent service and even piano music to provide a night of great fun! These launch parties also act as a great promotion of Barista’s Café and results in many new regulars.

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