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Becoming a GRID Impact Investor is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4.

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1. Create a GRID Wealth account

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2. Pass Suitability

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3. Lodge Funds

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4. Invest Funds

Why invest on the GRID?

By investing in one of our investment vehicles (minimum of €10,000) you get a predictable return every year and full diversification as each vehicle lends to 100’s of small businesses over the 4-year investment term. At the end of the 4 years, you will receive your final interest payment and capital is returned. You will also have satisfaction of knowing that you have helped 100’s of small businesses grow, create employment and support their communities.

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Premium Return

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Predictable Return

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Max Diversification

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Low Risk

Why is investing on the GRID an impact investment?

At GRID we proudly support and passionately believe in small businesses. We believe that small businesses have a significant economic impact (they are the largest employers in the state) but also a social impact. They provide employment in their local communities and are often vital to the functioning and vitality of communities they work in. Small businesses have an even bigger impact in rural communities. GRID has worked extensively to create greater awareness of the impact of small businesses through the GRID Foundation which you see here: (insert link to foundation page).

By investing on the GRID you are directly supporting these small businesses to continue to create this positive economic and social impact.

Further information

In our support centre you can access the FAQ’s on investing in the GRID or you can schedule a call with one of our investment advisors through the webchat function or by logging a support ticket.
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