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GRID Foundation

GRID is proud and passionate about helping small businesses thrive by building their financial resilience. We believe that financially stronger small businesses are better for our society because they are more sustainable and can have a greater impact in the communities they work in.

Through our foundation we have pursued an advocacy agenda for small businesses in Ireland as well as delivering initiatives that build awareness of the positive social and economic impact of small businesses in Ireland.


In 2020 GRID led the campaign for SME Recovery from the COVID crisis, knowing very well the impact it has had on small businesses. You can download the final report of the campaign or check out the full campaign.


In 2016 GRID were delighted to win the Inaugural Met Life Inclusion+ competition, recognising our contribution to financial inclusion in Ireland.


Young Artists Programme
GRID has supported a number of young artists. Young artists and creatives are a particularly brave type of micro-entrepreneur. They bring colour and diversity to our society but generally struggle financially. Historically female artists have struggled disproportionately to male ones so we prioritise young female artists in our programme.

Here are two artists who have work displayed in GRID’s offices.

Cristina Bunello

Emma Roche

GRID were proud to be one of the founding members of the LeanOnMe initiative. This was a local iniativies in Limerick that supported small businesses throughout the Covid Pandemic with a unique voucher system that helped sustain them. Learn more at www.leanonme.eu.

IFP Ireland
GRID was a founding member of the non-bank finance association, The Independent Finance Providers of Ireland. This organisation has been key in helping build the profile of new ways of small businesses being funded. Further information at www.fpai.ie.

Atlantic Youth Trust
GRID have been supportive of the work of the Atlantic Youth Trust over many years and have made a donation to support this great charity in Ireland.

GRID Partners