Business Loans based on your card income

If you earn any of your income using cards we can help your business. That includes any income your earn online through services such as Stripe or Paypal. If you are earning income using any of the food delivery platforms such as Just-Eat or Deliveroo you can use that cashflow to access a business loan.

All your repayments are set as a % of your daily income not a nasty chunky fixed monthly repayment that can put your business under pressure.

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Hospitality loans are frequently used for refurbishments, marketing, insurance premiums...

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Retail loans are frequently used for replenishing stock, upgrading equipment, hiring or training staff...

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Services loans are frequently used for insurance premiums, supplies, hiring or training staff...

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1. Apply Online

After providing us with your business earns in credit/debit card receipts and a couple of other details you are ready to submit your application.

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2. Review Application

Our team reviews your application within 48 hours and if successful you will receive a loan offer in your account.

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3. Loan Offer

You and your co-signatories can complete your loan completion pack in minutes by digitally signing it in your GRID account.

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4. Merchant Changeover

Once your loan pack is completed all you need to do is change over your merchant settlement account.

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5. Loan Drawdown

Once your credit/debit card receipts are settling to GRID we will transfer the funds to you so that you can keep growing your business.

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