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6 Benefits of a Business Loan with GRID

Do you plan to start a business or expand your business? GRID finance provides small business loans that help business owners to achieve these goals. You may be wondering, are there any benefits of getting a business loan for both short-term and long-term goals instead of a personal loan?

This blog post explains in-depth the benefits of a business loan with GRID finance.

Reasons why business loans are beneficial

  1. Affordable Interest Rate

    Generally, because of high competition among financial institutions, the interest rate loans for businesses are competitive. For small business owners, for instance, GRID finance provides these cheap loan rates and flexibility in the payments, therefore it is convenient for both short-term and long-term goals.

  2. Easily Accessible and Convenient

    For most small business owners getting investors is not always easy and if you get them it may take a while for the process to be complete and be given the loan. Sometimes waiting for business profits for reinvesting can also take a long time may be up to years. However, you can access the loan at GRID finance at your convenience because you can apply online and if the application is successful it will be available within 48 hours. Also, you may access more loans even if you have not fully repaid the previous loan.

  3. No Collateral

    Small businesses don’t normally possess a lot of assets, hence business loans are more beneficial for them as they do not require collateral. Also, institutions like GRID finance ensure that as long as the small businesses are eligible, the loan is given.

  4. Repayment Period is Flexible

    You may choose the period at which you can pay the loan, for example, you may want to renovate your business premises to attract more customers and this may require a short-term loan for a year or maybe you would like to take a loan to expand your business. GRID finance enables you to repay a % of your daily income which is more advantageous than fixed monthly that may put pressure on your cashflow.

  5. Business Credit is enhanced.

    Business loans will help enhance your business credit hence in the future you may get more business loans at lower rates and especially if you have been diligent with the repayments. For instance, at GRID finance this may include a top-up even on an existing loan.

  6. Loan limits

    Whether you want a business loan to expand or improve your facilities, you can access the loan which is based on your income levels. As your income grows so does your Borrowing power.

As we have seen acquiring a business loan for small business owners, whether to expand your business, improve stock levels, for short-term or long-term, it is definitely worth a try.

Start your journey today with us at GRID finance and apply today.